Critical/Intensive Care

Anaesthetics and Critical Care Research Team at K&C


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The research team has supported a large number of NIHR portfolio and non-portfolio studies over the past six years and are proud of all the contributions they have made.

Among historic successes is AVATaR; looking at general anaesthesia ventilatory management during robotic surgery to which the team over recruited. Research nurses and anaesthetists were involved in data collection and management throughout and played an important role in the trial.

Other research trials include developing a prognostic score for elderly ITU patients, early renal replacement therapy in critically ill patients with AKI, epidemiology of critical care provision after surgery, pressure injuries in ICUs, and end-of-life practices.

It almost goes without mention that many doctors, nurses and wider staff teams as well as patients have contributed to research in critical care over the last 6 months as COVID studies reached national priority status. Recovery, Recovery RS and GenOMICC have all required unprecedented support in setup and management and the team are incredibly grateful to all those playing an active part in these trials.