Gynae Oncology Research Team

Gynae Oncology Research Team

Direct line: 01843 234343 

Our Gynae oncology Research Team offers a wide variety of Clinical trials/ studies for those women with gynaecological malignancies (ovarian, endometrial, vulval and cervical) across East Kent giving them the best opportunity we can to receive new drugs/therapies. We recruit to a wide range of gynaecological cancer studies which range from Quality of Life questionnaires (EORTC), chemotherapy/immunotherapy and surgical interventions.


Oncology Research Team

Email: sue.drakeley@nhs.net
Direct Line: 01227 866393

The solid tumour Oncology research team continues to provide opportunities for solid tumour cancer patients with the majority of tumour types to maximise treatments. At any one time the team are actively recruiting to around 18 studies which include the involvement of novel drug treatments.

One of our major studies Add Aspirin over the past two years has been the 2nd top recruiting study in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex region of the NIHR . We will continue to recruit into this study over the next two years and follow the patients many years after. We were also the 10th highest recruiter Internationally for the Enzarad study which was a trial looking at using Enzalutimide in Androgen Deprivation therapy with radiation therapy for high risk clinically localised Prostate cancer. Although this study is now closed to further recruitment it will continue to follow –up the patients already taking part.

 East Kent Haemato-oncology Clinical Trials Unit


Direct Line: 01227 864129

The Haemato-oncology research team undertakes clinical trials for patients diagnosed with blood cancerswhich include leukaemias, lymphomas and myeloma. The research team receives invitations to participate in clinical trials from trial centres from around the UK and from the pharmaceutical industry from across the world. At any one time the Teams’ recruiting portfolio consists of approximately 12 - 15 large Phase II / III studies with a 35:65 split respectively between commercial and non-commercial (UK - investigator-led) trials, enabling us to maintain strong links with both the academic community and the pharmaceutical industry.

Our global activity with committed patient participation has led to both national and international recognition of East Kent’s role in the development of innovative new drugs and treatments for patients with blood cancers.

The EK Haemato-oncology research team have a proven track record within the world of clinical research and an excellent reputation, frequently being first in the UK to set up, open and randomise patients into new studies, thereby facilitating our patient’s early access to novel therapies and approaches to their treatment. We are frequently leading recruiters into studies here in the UK and globally within international studies.