Robert Elliott, Band 6 Critical Care Nurse

Robert Elliott

Coming to work in the critical care unit at the William Harvey Hospital was like coming home for senior nurse Robert Elliott.

He grew up in nearby Folkestone but moved away to train and worked in an ITU elsewhere, before deciding to move back to be nearer his family.

And with his previous experience, he was able to quickly slot in as part of the critical care team.

He said: “They are really supportive and it’s a really lovely team.

“They have been as proactive as I have in terms of my career development, and put me forward for the ITU course, and gave me a day a week to attend university for it.

“Doing the course has really boosted my confidence and allowed me to develop into a more senior role, starting to lead areas as a nurse in charge of nine or 10 beds at a time.”

While all Band 5 staff have a responsibility to support and encourage newly qualified nurses, as a Band 6 Robert can act as a link between the nurse in charge and medical teams, and the staff he is managing on a shift.

He said: “The practice development nurses are fantastic and there is always support around if I need it, from other Band 6 nurses but also seniors.

“Everyone is approachable and encouraging and they are pushing me forward for further training and development so I can become the best nurse I can be.”