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Urology Community Outreach Programme

East Kent Urology is one of the largest urology departments in Europe serving a community of nearly 800,000.

We are dedicated to not only providing the highest quality of care as a tertiary referral centre but also to increase awareness among patients and the public about different urologic diseases and treatment options. We in “moving knowledge” from the hospital setting to the community.

Our Community Outreach Programme is critical to our mission. At the core of our outreach is support for local and national organizations committed to raising awareness and generating funds for the treatment of urologic diseases, such as prostate cancer and bladder cancer.

Our dynamic team of Surgeons, Oncologists, Specialist Nurses and Medical Scientists are actively engaged with providing condition specific patient forums, lectures and talks to the community either in our Education, Research and Innovation Centre in Canterbury or via Webinars using platforms such as WebEx.

In addition, our teams actively deliver talks and lectures within the community, at professional organizations, and other events.

Outreach areas include:

  • Prostate Cancer Patient Forum
  • Bladder Cancer Patient Forum
  • Community Catheter service
  • Public Lecture series
  • Blood in the urine series
  • Testicular Cancer
  • Men’s Health
  • Sexual Health