Removal of bladder diverticulum

Bladder diverticulum is a pouch of the urinary bladder wall and connects with the main bladder cavity.

It might be a congenital entity where patients are born with or in most of the cases, it might be acquired later in life due to an obstructed bladder (for example in case of enlarged prostate with urine flow obstruction). This condition might be entirely asymptomatic and would not need proactive treatment at all.

However, larger diverticulae might lead to persistent Urinary tract infections, form stones within their cavity or in some cases malignant transformation of the diverticulum lining might occur.

In such instances, your Urologist might advise to excise this pouch while keeping the normal bladder cavity.

Currently removal of the diverticulum can be achieved using the surgical robot in selected cases with minimal access (keyhole surgery) with the benefit of early recovery and less hospital stay.