Acute Stroke and Neurology

Physiotherapists are concerned with Human function, Movement and Maximising potential.

Physiotherapy works alongside the natural healing process following a stroke to assist recovery. Following the assessment process, each patient receives a tailor-made therapy programme based on the individuals needs. Where appropriate, the individual is involved in setting realistic functional goals to direct the therapy sessions.

Individuals who have had a stroke, head injury or neurological disease may be affected:-

  • Physically
  • Cognitively
  • Perceptually
  • Functionally

Physiotherapy in Stroke and Neurology services offer specialist input and work closely with other members of a multidisciplinary team. 

Treatment includes:

  • Respiratory care

  • Positioning

  • Specialist neurological rehabilitation concentrating on maximising physical functionality

Therapy is an ongoing process which continues throughout the day with all members of the ward team. Discharge planning is an integral part of rehabilitation. If ongoing therapy is required the ward physiotherapists will liaise with colleagues in the Community Teams to ensure there is an effective handover of care.

Neuro Rehab Unit

This unit provides specialist rehabilitation for people with long term neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis. 

Specialist input is also provided for people with Traumatic Brain Injuries. 

Vascular Surgery 

As well as patients undergoing general vascular surgery, Physiotherapists on the vascular unit regularly work with amputees. 

Intervention includes:-

  • Respiratory care

  • Exercise to maximise muscle strength and joint mobility

  • Transfer practice

  • Gait re-education

  • Working in close collaboration with the Disablement Services centre at Medway Hospital..

OT’s in the vascular team work closely with physiotherapists, particularly in relation to prosthetic limb fitting and provide a follow up service to patients who have been discharged from hospital.  

 Medical Respiratory Physiotherapy

  On all three sites there are specialist respiratory therapists who treat patients in:-

  • Intensive care

  • High dependency units

  • On wards.  

These therapists are trained in advanced respiratory intervention, e.g. CPAP and BIPAP