Specialist Occupational Therapy Services within East Kent Hospitals

Acute Stroke and Neurology

If you have a stroke, head injury or neurological disease you may be affected physically, cognitively, perceptually and emotionally. OTs in Stroke and Neurology services offer specialist input and work closely with other members of the multidisciplinary team. 

Treatment includes functional assessments and ongoing practice of functional activities; standardised assessments particularly of cognition, vision and perception and management of arm and hand problems including exercise and splinting.

East Kent Neuro Rehab Unit is based at Kent and Canterbury Hospital

This unit provides specialist rehabilitation for people with long term neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis or traumatic brain injuries.

Vascular Surgery  Based on Kent Ward, Kent & Canterbury Hospital

As well as patients undergoing general vascular surgery, OT’s on the vascular unit regularly work with amputees.  Intervention includes assessing for and providing wheelchairs and practising safe wheelchair mobility; safe transfer techniques, self care and kitchen assessments, access visits and home assessments.

We work closely with specialist Physiotherapists, particularly in relation to prosthetic limb fitting and provide a follow up service to patients who have been discharged from hospital.