Renal transplant

A kidney transplant is the transfer of a healthy kidney from one person (the donor) into the body of a person who has little or no kidney function (the recipient).

There are 2 types of renal transplant:

Deceased Donor Transplant

This is a transplant from a person who has died and donated their organs. There is a national pool of people waiting for this kind of transplant. You need to have a series of blood tests and then wait for a kidney to become available that is a good match. Average waiting times can vary between two and five years. 

Living Donor Transplant

Most people can live a normal life with only one kidney. Some choose to donate one of their kidneys to a family member or a friend. 

If you are interested in donating a kidney and wish to have further information please contact Sarah Norris or Jackie Rogers on 01227 866347

The kidney transplant operation is done at Guy’s hospital in London, you will usually be in hospital for 5-10 days and then discharged back to be monitored at Kent and Canterbury hospital. There are some occasions that require monitoring to be continued at Guy’s for longer periods of time.

After receiving your new kidney you will need to attend the transplant clinic three times a week for the first week, then twice a week for the five weeks, then once a week until four months. These clinic appointments are important because your risk of transplant rejection or infection is highest during the first few months and the transplant team will need to monitor you closely.

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Contact details

If you have any further enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact on the numbers below

Transplant Nurse Manager – Lucy Greenfield

Transplant Nurses – Hazel Broad, Sarah Goodban, Mariamma Baby, Sue O’Brien - 01227 866443

Transplant Recipient Co ordinator – Amanda Sawdon – 01227 206696

Transplant Office Manager – Sophie Hammond – 01227 783072

Transplant Administrator – Morgan Neirinckx- 01227 783194

Living Donor Transplant Nurse Manager – Sarah Norris – 01227 866347

Living Donor Nurse – Jackie Rogers – 01227 866347

Living Donor Administrator – Caroline Ellis Sommer – 01227 783073

Health Care at Home – 0800 9179665