Marlowe Ward

Inpatient care for renal patients is provided on Marlowe Ward at Kent and Canterbury Hospital.

Marlowe Ward has 39 beds dedicated to the care of patients with a variety of renal conditions. The ward can be separated into three areas;

  • 14 bedded acute nephrology area

  • 16 bedded general nephrology area

  • six bedded short stay / day case area

General nephrology  

The beds in this area are designated for those with general medical problems related to kidney disease and complications of dialysis or transplantation. Patients are admitted here for a variety of diagnostic interventions such as biopsies and renal angiography, complications related to dialysis or transplantation and for the management of general medical conditions in those patients with chronic kidney disease.

  • Tel: 01227 783100 

Short stay /day case 

The beds in this area are used for simple diagnostic investigations and any procedures which may be done on a day case basis or require an overnight admission. Patients are requested to attend this area for the administration of medications on a day-case basis to prevent unnecessary admissions.

  • Tel: 01227 783100

Acute nephrology

The beds in this area are used for those who have more complicated medical problems and acute kidney injury. There is a four bedded higher care area for patients requiring more intense monitoring and four single rooms. This area is able to offer a variety of dialysis options if required as well as providing a plasma exchange service within the department and the Trust. Renal consultants are actively involved in care of patients admitted with acute renal failure in ITUs in East and West Kent. Patients from outreach areas who continue to need renal replacement therapy are transferred to renal ward at K and C once they are discharged from the ITU.

  • Tel: 01227 866456