Voice Samples

Georgina's Voice
Hello, my name is Georgina and I'm a Speech and Language Therapist with the KM CAT Service. I would like to share my experience of banking my voice. I'll let you judge if you think the end results sound like me, or enough like me, to be worth going through the voice banking process.
Here is my normal spoken voice, so you can hear what I usually sound like...
Off-the-shelf Voice
'Lucy' is an off-the-shelf AAC voice which is widely available. There are a number of off-the-shelf voices available -this is just one example, so that you can compare with my banked voices.
'Lucy' voice
Here are Samples of my Voice Banked in different ways for you to listen to:
Acapela Voice
 Amount Recorded:  50 Sentences  
 Recording Period:   1 X Sessions  
 Time Taken:            15 Minutes  
SpeakUnique 'Voice Build' voice:
Amount Recorded:  300 Sentences  
Recording Period:   1 X Sessions  
Time Taken:            Just over 2 hours
ModelTalker 'Full2 inventory' voice
Amount Recorded:   3165 Sentences (1600 full inventory sentences, plus an extra 1565 sentences)
                                 In addition, some names and phrases were banked to ensure correct pronunciations.
                                 It’s possible to record a lot more of these than I chose to.
Recording Period:    9 x Sessions (5 on top of full inventory)  
Time Taken:             12 hours and 6 minutes (6 hours and 31 minutes on top of full inventory recording time)
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