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Companies that offer voice banking services

Please note: These providers are listed for informational purposes only - no endorsement is expressed or implied. We can take no responsibility for the content of external websites.


Services offered include:

  • Voice banking
  • Voice donation (giving your voice for someone else - either someone you know or someone who you have heard needs one)



Services offered include:

  • Voice build - this is voice banking
  • Voice repair - you bank your voice and Speak Unique will 'repair' it if you are finding it difficult to say words clearly
  • Voice design - if you have no speech a unique voice can be created for you to match things that may be important to you like your regional accent
  • Voice save - bank your voice, just in case you need it



Services offered include:

  • Voice banking



Services offered include:

  • Voice cloning - this is voice banking


Vocal ID

Services offered include:

  • Vocal Legacy - Voice banking blended with a matched speaker (if you are finding it difficult to say words clearly) for a clearer voice.
  • Bespoke Voice - Blends an recorded open vowel sound from you with a matched speaker to create unique voice (even if you cannot articulate words at all).

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