Voice and Message Banking 

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Patient Experiences

If you have banked your voice and would like to add some comments or share your story here, please email us at acat.service@nhs.net 

We would love to hear and share your thoughts and advice about voice banking.


In England voice banking is usually paid for by the person who banks their voice. See costs from each company for their voice banking services.

People who need to purchase a microphone to record their voice should refer to the website of their chosen voice banking company. They will advise on suitable ones to use. As a rough guide they cost about £30-40 and can be obtained e.g. from Amazon.

Charitable Funding

We are aware of two charities who offer help with voice banking funding:

  • The MNDA supports people with a confirmed diagnosis of MND to bank their voice. They loan equipment and can fund voice banking fees from different companies up to a certain amount. For more information please contact the MNDA Communication Aids Coordinator or call the MND Connect helpline: 0808 802 6262.
  • The MSA Trust offer funding for people with Multiple Systems Atrophy to bank their voice. For more information please visit the MSA Trust website.