Information for Local Therapists


Prior to Referral

An assessment must be carried out prior to referral to KM CAT.

Making a Referral

Please consult the diagram below to determine what support is available for your patient and how to make a referral.

Click on the boxes for more detailed information.

Referral Guidance Referral Guidance Referral Guidance Provision-only Criteria Provision-only Referrals Assessment Criteria Assessment Referrals Consultation Referral

*Referrer must have received clusterbox training from KM CAT prior to making a provision-only referral.

NHSE requires that patients accessing our service are referred from a professional, preferably a Speech & Language Therapist (SLT) in a statutory service role i.e. an NHS / local authority / education funded professional involved in the patient’s care. Find out more about who can refer.

If your patient does not meet our criteria for assessment or provision, we are still happy to give advice.

Other Useful Information

Voice Banking and Message Banking

Your patients may request information about Voice Banking and/or Message Banking.

We have added some new guidance in the patient section of our website; please feel free to share this with your clients.

The Motor Neurone Disease Association has a webpage providing information on voicebanking. While this is aimed at professionals who work with MND patients, the information may be applicable to other conditions.

Charities and Associations

There may be support for your patient available through a number of charities and associations.

Please see the charities page in the 'info for the public' section of our website for useful links.