Your voice is heard

We want to hear your thoughts on the care you receive during your pregnancy (antenatal), labour and birth, and after the birth of your baby (postnatal). Your feedback will help us to see what is working well and help us make changes to provide better care for our women, birthing people and their families in the future.

We will automatically make you a telephone appointment for approximately six weeks after your baby’s birth to hear your feedback. 

During this call, a member of the Maternity Patient Experience Team will ask you to provide feedback on the care you have received. We also welcome any feedback from your support partner. 

These are the questions we will ask you at your telephone appointment:

  • How would you describe your care?
  •  What do you feel went well?
  • Does your support partner have any comments?
  • How would you score your antenatal/labour/postnatal care on a scale of 1-4, 1 being very poor and 4 being excellent?
  • What could we have done better?
  • Do you feel you were given choices about your care?
  • Do you feel you were included with making decisions about your care?
  • If you were to have another baby, would you feel happy returning to us for your care?
  • Any other comments?

If you tell us any significant issues during the telephone call, we can refer you to an appropriate healthcare professional for additional support.

If you need communication support such as an interpreter or information in another language, please ask your caregiver or contact the Maternity Patient Experience Team. You can email us at Ekhuft.pem@nhs.net

What we will do with this information

We will record all of your feedback and take key issues to the relevant teams in the hospital and community. We will share this information and any actions taken from the feedback with our staff and the local community on our social media. We will not use your name unless you give us permission to. 

Any feedback you give us will not be stored or linked to your medical records and will not affect your future care. 

If you do not want to be contacted

If you decide you do not want to be contacted or you change your mind at any time, please contact the Maternity Patient Experience Team. You can email us at Ekhuft.pem@nhs.net

Other ways to give feedback

If you or your support partners want to give us feedback at any stage in your pregnancy journey, please contact our Patient Experience Midwives. You can email us at Ekhuft.pem@nhs.net

You have ‘thoughts about my pregnancy experiences’ pages in your hospital notes to write down any thoughts and feelings you have throughout your pregnancy.

If you have any worries, concerns or questions about your care, please speak to your Midwife, GP or Health Visitor.