Contact us

William Harvey Hospital

Triage Unit / Maternity Day Care
01233 616638

Foetal Medicine
01233 616181 ext. 723 6181

Delivery Suite
01233 616124

Singleton Midwife-led Unit
01233 651868

Folkestone Ward
01233 616628

Early Pregnancy Unit
01233 633331 ext. 723 8268

Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital

Triage Unit / Maternity Day Care
01843 234483

Delivery Suite
01843 292494

St Peters Midwife-led Unit
01843 235100

Foetal Medicine/Antenatal Clinic
01843225544 ext 62109

Kingsgate Ward
01843 234586

Early Pregnancy Unit
01843 234469

Canterbury Maternity Centre
01227 783105

Dover Maternity Centre
01304 222523

Maternity Community Liaison Office
01227 864152

Birth Afterthoughts Service
01227 86415

Canterbury Early Pregnancy Unit
01227 864369

Who can I talk to?

Questions during pregnancy

If you are pregnant and have questions or concerns about your care during your pregnancy or labour, please talk to your midwife, who will be able to help you.

You can also contact the maternity service through our Maternity Facebook page @EKHUFTMaternity

Your voice is heard

If you want to tell us about your experience of our maternity service, please contact our Maternity Patient Experience Team by emailing: ekhuft.pem@nhs.net

Questions about your baby’s birth

If you want to talk about your baby’s birth, experienced midwives can answer any questions you have. You can email us at: ekh-tr.birthafterthoughts@nhs.net

Do you need to complain?

If you need to make a complaint please talk to one of our matrons or ward managers, or you can contact our PALS Team.

Do you want to talk to someone else?

If you would like to talk to someone who is independent of the East Kent maternity service, you can contact the Maternity Voices Partnership.