Before your outpatient appointment

Information about your outpatient appointment

Once your outpatient appointment is booked we will contact you via phone, letter or text and inform you of the date and details of your appointment.

If you booked using the e-Referrals service please refer to the website for information relating to your appointment.

For any other queries please contact 01227 868686.

When attending the hospital please dont forget to;

  • Check the details and contact us if you cant make the date - if you dont come to your appointment and dont let us know, you may be discharged from our care back to your GP.
  • Make sure we have your mobile number so we can text you reminders or advise you of any short notice changes to your appointment.
  • Check you appointment details for any special instructions such as attending with a full bladder, or unable to drive after the appointment due to eye drops being administered.
  • Bring details of any medications you are currently taking (packet, repeat list)
  • Shops and restaurants can be found at all of our hospital sites but please look at your appointment letter before having any refreshments as you might have instructions not to eat or drink anything before your appointment.
  • Allow at least 2 hours for your appointment, most appointment take far less time that this but you might need to have an x-ray or other tests and we will try to arrange these for the same day so you may have to wait a bit longer.
  • Your appointment might involve and examination or test (such as blood pressure or blood test). You might like to think about wearing looser fitting clothes to make this easier.
  • Call us if you develop diarrhoea and vomitiing three days before your appointment
  • Although interpreter assistance is usually arranged at the time of booking your appointment please contact 01227 868686 if you are unsure or require any other special assistance in the outpatient department.

We will always try to aim to see you within 30 minutes of your appointment time but some times the clinics are delayed. There is usually a good reason for the delay, but clinic staff should always tell you the length of delay and why there is a delay. Arriving early for your appointment does not mean we will see you earlier.

Remembering important Information

Your visit to theclinic is a good time to discuss things with your doctor. It can be hard to remember all the questions you want to ask and all the information the doctor gives you, but there are some things you can do to make it easier.

  • Write down and prioritise the questions you want to ask and make a note of the answers.
  • Consider bringing a relative or friend to help you remember the conversation later.
  • Request written information where it is available and repeat back what you think you have heard to check that the information is correct.
  • If you haven't understood what has been said, please don't hesitate to ask your doctor or nurse again.

Planning your journey

Remember to check which hospital you are due at before setting out.

You can find travel details on travelling to your required hospital by clicking here