Major trauma services

Major trauma services

At East Kent Hospitals, we care for patients who have experienced a major trauma, working as part of the London Major Trauma System. East Kent’s major trauma service is one of the busiest in the country, receiving around 1,000 patients a year.

The William Harvey Hospital (WHH) is designated a trauma unit for east Kent patients, providing lifesaving care to the most seriously injured patients, including injuries to the head, chest, abdomen or bones that have been sustained as a result of an accident, sport or violence.

QEQM is a designated a local emergency hospital, which is able to provide lifesaving care, however some patients with more serious injuries may be transported to WHH or London for more specialist treatment. The Kent and Canterbury Hospital provides rehabilitation, patients who have had specialist treatment will often be treated here if they require ongoing rehab with our expert therapists. 

You can see some the important work our teams do in the Channel 4 documentary, Emergency, highlighting how we work with hospitals in the London Major Trauma System.

We provide a number of services to support you if you, or a family member, have suffered a significant injury:

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

East Kent Hospitals are proud to have a permanent link with the CAB. If your injury prevents you from working and you are worried about your job, business or housing, please let one of your nurses know and they will ask our advisor to come to talk to you. 

Key worker 

During your care with us, the lead clinician for your care will be your admitting consultant. When you go home, this person would be you first point of contact if you have any concerns. 

Rehab Rx 

When you leave us, if you have ongoing needs, you should receive a rehab prescription along with the documentation you are given when you go home. If you're not handed a rehab prescription, please check with the nurses that you do not have any further ongoing needs.