Ponseti Clinic

Foot with the plaster for Ponsti training

The Ponseti clinic at East Kent Hospital Univeristy NHS Trust is a specialist service for children born with structural foot deformity.

Conditions seen include clubfoot (congenital talipes equino varus), congenital vertical talus and metatarsus adductus as well as other foot deformity.

The team has extensive experience in the treatment of routine and complex cases of clubfoot and relapses in all ages of children. 

The team runs 1 clinic a week to cover new patient assessment, Ponseti manipulation and casting, tenotomy, follow up and bracing management, as well as antenatal consultation.

All new referrals are triaged by the Advanced Practice Physiotherapists (APP) and are monitored and treated in APP led clinics.

All patients receive specialist paediatric orthopaedic consultant management as required from Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

The Ponseti service at East Kent Hospital Univeristy NHS Trust covers the entire region of East Kent.

We work closely with our counterpart service for West and Central Kent at Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust and with tertiary care providers in Ponseti at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. 

Patients are usually referred by neonatal consultant or sonographer following antenatal diagnosis but may be referred by GP, Health Visitor or midwife by simply emailing: ekh-tr.PaedMSK@nhs.net 

Ponseti Method - Manipulation and Casting

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