Chaplaincy services

Hospital Chaplains are here for everyone. You do not have to be in any way ‘religious’ to ask to see a Chaplain. Most of us, at one time or another have to face searching questions and make difficult decisions, and at times like these it’s good to know that there is someone to listen, to support, to encourage, or to question. We want to be there for you so please do not hesitate to contact us if you think we can be of help. A Chaplain is always available 24 hours a day/365 days a year. 

The Chaplaincy department has staff members and volunteers representing all major Christian denominations. The department also has contacts with all major world-faith groups in the area. To contact a representative of your tradition or faith group please contact your Chaplain.

Please also see information on our bereavement services and read our Chaplaincy/Spiritual Care Services

To contact a chaplain please dial the switchboard on 01227 766877 or contact as follows:

Head of Chaplaincy Services 
Revd. Christopher White
Phone: 01843 234287
Email: christopherwhite1@nhs.net

Laura Wayman

Phone: 01843 234273
Email: laura.wayman@nhs.net 


Revd. Chinedu Udonsi, Chaplain 
Phone: 01843 234273 
Email: chinedu.udonsi@nhs.net

Kent and Canterbury Hospital

Revd. Tricia Hill, Chaplain
Phone: 01227 864095
Email: phill3@nhs.net

William Harvey Hospital

Revd. Stephen Fouche, Chaplain 

01233 633331 extn. 723 8014
Email: stephen.fouche@nhs.net

Our Chapels and Prayer Rooms

Services held in our Chapels are for patients, staff, family members and visitors to the hospitals. Arrangements can be made for patients to attend services at the discretion of the ward manager. 

Chapel at Kent & Canterbury Hospital

Holy Communion Service - Wednesdays at 10.30am
Friday Mass - First Friday of the month only at 10.30am
A Prayer/Quiet Room is also available next door to the Chaplains office and on the same level as the Chapel.

Chapel at Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital 

Service on Thursdays at 12.30pm and Sundays at 4pm
A public Prayer/Quiet Room is also available along the St Peters Road entrance corridor.

A staff only Prayer/Quiet Room is also available. Please contact site Chaplain for further details.

Chapel at William Harvey Hospital

Service on Tuesdays at 11am (except third Tuesday of month) 

Prayer/Quiet Room facilities are available in the Chapel.

Chapel at Kent and Canterbury Hosptial
Chapel at William Harvey Hosptial
Chapel at Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hosptial

Baby Cemetery

There is a baby cemetery at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital, where babies were laid to rest up until 2003. The cemetery is maintained by the Trust's estates team and overseen by the chaplains. A new bench for parents was donated by the East Kent Baby Memorial Gardens charity in 2021 and we are very grateful for their support.

If you need information about the baby cemetery, please contact our PALS team