Inserting your hearing aid

Hearing aids with ear moulds

Inserting your hearing aid with ear moulds

Hold the hearing aid using your thumb and finger by the ear mould and raise to your ear as shown. Line up the mould so that the bottom part is going into your ear canal and the top part is lining up just behind the fold in your ear above the ear canal


Put the bottom half of the mould into your ear



Press the rest of the mould firmly into your ear



You may use your other hand to pull down on your ear lobe to ease fitting




Hook the hearing instrument over the top of your ear so that it sits behind comfortably

Hearing aids with LifeTips

Inserting a hearing aid with LifeTips

Hold the LifeTip just behind the dome and gently insert the LifeTip into your ear canal




If you have one, take the anchor of the LifeTip and flick it backwards into the bowl of your ear to aid retention to the LifeTip




Place the hearing instrument over the top of the ear so it sits in place behind the ear comfortably