Charges for lost and damaged NHS Hearing Aids

Our service now charges for lost hearing aids or those damaged beyond repair after the 1st occasion*.

We will replace any hearing aid lost or damaged beyond repair for the 1st occasion only and all subsequent loss/damages will result in an administration charge for each aid.

The Trusts Sales Ledger Team will issue an invoice and deal with payments, Audiology do not deal with any payments &/or payment enquiries.

Who will need to pay the charge?

  • Patients that have lost their hearing aid for the 2nd Time and any further losses beyond this loss.
  • Patients that have damaged their hearing aids beyond repair e.g. dog chewing for the 2nd time and any further damages beyond repair.

What is the cost to the patient?

  • The charge will be £70 per hearing aid.

Who is exempt from payment?

  • ‘Dual sensory impairment’ i.e. Deaf/Blind
  • Registered Blind or Partially Sighted
  • Dementia patients
  • Those patients that have been “victim of a crime” i.e. bag stolen or patient attacked
  • Hearing Aids lost as an ‘in-patient’ in hospital.

What happens if patient is in receipt of state benefits?

  • Patients on receipt of benefits will be sent an invoice where they will be welcome to query with the Sales Ledger Team if they have any payment issues.

Replacement of Hearing Aid(s)?

  • Once receipt and/or proof of receipt of payment is received, we’ll action the replacement as soon as possible.
  • Replacement can be received via post or in clinic.

*Please note this is not a charge for all lost aid(s) but only for the 2nd lost or damaged beyond repair aid(s). 

Please contact the Audiology Team if any further questions and queries.