School choir’s musical message of thanks

Published 21 December 2021

Schoolchildren sent a festive message of thanks to hospital staff – by recording Christmas songs for their online advent calendar.

Choir members at Briary Primary School have been unable to carry out their Christmas engagements this year, after working hard rehearsing their songs.

But they still managed to bring a seasonal smile to NHS staff and patients, by taking part in the advent calendar organised by East Kent Hospitals.

The video of their performance will appear on the Trust’s social media channels on Christmas Eve, and will also be shared to groups such as Age Concern, who had been looking forward to a visit from the choir.

The school’s family liaison officer, and choir leader, Sarah Grange, said: “The children were so looking forward to their performances, and being part of the advent calendar means that they can still share their songs with our community.

“They all know how important the NHS is to us all, especially this past year, so they were delighted to be able to sing virtually for hospital staff.

“We hope everyone enjoys the songs, and that we can sing together again in person very soon.”

The advent calendar also features teams across the Trust, as well as volunteers and East Kent Hospitals Charity. See it at https://twitter.com/EKHUFThttps://www.facebook.com/EastKentHospitals or https://www.instagram.com/ekhuft/