Celebrating our support workers - meet Dharmarajen Moorghen

Dharmarajen Moorghen, a HCSE at the K&C. Image is a head and shoulders, he is wearing a white shirt and is pictured outside

Published 23 November 2022

Healthcare support worker Dharmarajen Moorghen is on a mission to spread smiles wherever he goes.

He has been part of the team on Mount McMaster Ward at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital for five years, after previously working in a nursing home both in the UK and in his home country of Mauritius.

The switch to a hospital ward was the logical next step for him and he relishes all the opportunities for learning and development it brings.

He said: “I wanted to get more experience and to be able to make a difference to more people.

“In a nursing home, people are there long-term, they aren’t going to improve and go home. Sadly some of them are there until the end of their life.

“In hospital, we can help people recover and see their progress. There is always something new to learn and I enjoy expanding my knowledge and putting it into practice.

“I work as part of one big team and I can learn from everyone; the doctors and nurses, the physios and occupational therapists.

“I really feel I am progressing in my role.”

The ward cares for people with a range of issues, from brain injuries or stroke to medical patients, and Dharmarajen believes their emotional health is as important as their physical health.

He said: “Some of our patients are with us for quite a while and they become like family.

“We care for them all as if they were our relatives, and care for their mental well-being as well as physical.

“The ward is quite a happy place and I like to encourage people to find the joy in everything so we can be a really positive, welcoming team.

“In the future I could go for a band 4 or band 5 role but for the moment I am really happy where I am and I enjoy what I do.”

For more information on the support worker roles available with East Kent Hospitals, visit https://www.ekhuft.nhs.uk/patients-and-visitors/work-here/latest-vacancies/