How to use our patient portal

How to sign up

For details on how to sign up, please check our Patient Portal page.

How to use the navigation panel

One logged in, you will see four tabs on the left panel of the portal. These are:

  • Account – here you can check your phone number and NHS number. Any changes will have to be done in the NHS App
  • Communication preferences – here you can select how you wish us to send letters to you, digitally or by post and if so in what format, large font, easy read, braille.
  • Postal address – check the home address we have for you and edit it if it is incorrect
  • Apps and integrations – this will show what apps and permissions you have granted. This will include more once other systems are brought on board.

How to view your letters

The link to view your letters is located at the top of the Communication preferences tab. Simply click the 'Letters' button to display the list of available documents.

Please note, the portal is a rolling programme with a limited number of services available upon launch. To check if your service is on the list of available specialties, visit our Patient Portal page.

Patient Portal Help Video

Download our Patient Portal Help video transcript or use the version below.

Visual and audio transcript for Patient portal video
Key timestamps
Audio Visual
0:01 – 0:03:04 Welcome to East Kent Hospitals Patient Portal. Patient Preference Portal Logo.
0:04:00 – 0:17:00 Patient Preferencing is a new service, that allows you to access your own patient letters on a variety of mobile devices and computers using a variety of Web Browsers in a secure way.
Patient Preferencing title banner. Below this are 2 square boxes. The first box contains 3 images of different digital equipment logos. The second box contains 3 images of different types of Web Browsers.
0.17:00 – 0.35:00 The benefits of the new Patient Preferencing service are that it allows you to choose how you receive letters from East Kent Hospitals. You can select to receive letters by post or online through the portal. You can also choose to receive letters in Braille easy to read formats or in large font.
Heading reads: Patient Preferencing Benefits.

Below the heading are 2 images. The first image is of a letter opening and the second image is of a document. Next to each image is some bullet pointed text.
0.35:00 – 0.40:00 How to set up your communication preferences.
Title slide reads: How to set up your communication preferences.
0.40:00 – 0.46:00 Open the sign in page and then select continue with NHS log in.
Images of NHS log in page.
0.46:00 – 0.55:00 Emily Duff is used as an example to demonstrate the process, please use your own log-in details to access Patient Portal.
An image of a doctor.

Caption reads: Emily Duff is used as an example to demonstrate the process, please use your own log-in details to access Patient Portal.
0.55:00 – 01:00 Enter the details you have previously set up and then click continue.
Image of the email log in screen.
01:00 – 01:04 Enter the password you have previously set up.
Image of the password screen.
01:04 – 01:13 Once you have successfully logged on you will be directed to the Patient Preferencing account set up process. Patient Preferencing Account Home Page opens.
01:13 – 01:19
You can select how you would like to receive letters. You can elect to receive letters by email or by post.
Communications page opens.
01:19 – 01:30
You have the option of receiving them in an accessible format including easy read braille or large font.
Communication page scrolls up to show second half of page.
01:30 – 01:40
You will be able to check your postal address is correct and edit it if necessary, to make sure your address details are up to date.
Update address page opens.
01:40 – 01:51
Once your account has been set up you will be allowed to view your letters. You can find your letters by clicking the letters link at the top of the communication preferences page.
The top of the Communication Preferences page is highlighted with the red box around the letters tab.
01:51 – 01:55
For more information and support with Patient Preferencing, please visit our website. Thank you for watching.
End credit page opens which shows the image of a laptop computer on the righthand side of the page and some text on the left of the page, informing the viewer if they need any further information or support then to visit our website.