Health Service Discounts for members

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The current economic climate is forcing us all to look for good deals as we shop around and as part of our service to members we want to see how we can help. The Trust is pleased to announce that through the Health Service Discounts Online Scheme our members now have access to some great bargains.

Health Service Discounts Online is a service provided to NHS staff across the country, providing discounts in fashion, holidays, electricals and much much more! Now ALL Foundation Trust members (and new members!) will have access to these discounts.

How to apply for Health Service Discounts online

  • Go to www.healthservicediscounts.com

  • Click to register which is located at the top right of the page and start to complete the form.

  • When you reach the ‘Your job…’ section, please copy as below.

  • Continue to complete the form and submit your request.

Screenshot of NHS Discounts registration

Your application will take up to 48 hours to be verified where we will confirm that you are a member of our Trust. There is no charge for joining this service. We do hope that you will find Health Service Discounts both useful and beneficial for you, your family and your friends.

Why not get your friends and family to sign up to become a member today so they can also enjoy these great deals?

If you experience any problems with registering please e-mail the Health Service Discount site