Patient stories

Mike Pemberton

Mike Pemberton

When I was 14 years old I was sent to the rheumatology department at Guys Hospital by my GP, they diagnosed Ankylosing spondylitis and they have over the last 60 years kept me going with regular treatments and wonderful service.

During that time I was asked to take part in research programmes and medical tests. I always felt that I owed the national health service so much. I was able to play rugby for 30 years have 5 wonderful children and be happily married for 50 years. All due to the great work by the NHS over the years. So when I was asked by East Kent Hospitals to take part in a research programme I had not hesitation in saying yes, how can I help. I firmly believe that I have a responsibility to give back to the NHS for all they have done for me. Thanks NHS.

Lesley Fox

Lesley Fox

'Helping the research team has been a good experience. I am only too pleased to help. The nurses and staff who take the samples are amazing and I also have met some very interesting other participants.'


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Lynda Kyne

I was very happy with the speed and efficiency of the nurse taking blood samples, weight and urine samples. I was offered coffee and the waiting area was comfortable although I didn't have to wait long.

Appointments were made by phone with a selection of dates to choose from. I was kept well informed of the research programme with a newsletter. 

As a result I would be happy to help with research programmes in the future if they are all as easy as this.