LEAD:  Dr Mohamed Sakel (FRCP)  (msakel@nhs.net) ( 07970 020855)

 Consultant Physician in Neuro-rehabilitation Medicine

Director of Neuro-rehabilitation Service

 Karen Saunders (Consultant Research Fellow- Neuro-physiotherapist)             

 Qualitative Research Qualification (Oxford University)

Research & Innovation “Supporting Others” Runner Up Award (2018)

 Jettender Chandi (Physician Associate in Neuro-rehabilitation)



1. Is it safe to inject Botulinum Toxin Type A (BoNT) for focal spasticity treatment with standard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) cover?

 Co-Investigators: Dr Samuel Moses (Consultant in Virology and Infection - Microbiology & Virology) and Mr Sashi Kommu (Consultant Pelvic Cancer Urological Surgeon)       

2. Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices towards COVID-19 among BAME Residents of Canterbury and adjoining Kent Areas during the UK COVID-19 outbreak: A Cross-Sectional Study

 Co-Investigators: Dr Rafey Faruqui (FRCPsych) Consultant Neuro-psychiatrist - Kent and Medway NHS Social Care and Partnership Trust and Professor David Wilkinson (Professor of Psychology) Kent University       

 3. Challenge, opportunity and leadership during the Global challenge of COVID-19 Pandemic: International Rehabilitation perspectives. A qualitative research study.

Co-Investigator: Professor David Wilkinson (Professor of Psychology) Kent University   

4.  Balance rehabilitation using exoskeleton technology in Multiple Sclerosis

 Collaborative research project with Professor David Wilkinson and Rex Bionics Ltd.   



Research and Innovation profile:

  • Dr Sakel is a highly experienced Principal Investigator, who leads clinical multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research teams across the UK, Europe, Canada, India, US and Bangladesh

  • His research interests and publications include: balance rehabilitation using an exoskeleton; spasticity treatment and Botulinum toxin; neuro-modulation of the vestibular system for Parkinsons Disease, migraine and Traumatic Brain Injury; assistive technologies; stroke; Traumatic Brain Injury; Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness (PDOC); hemi-spatial neglect; dementia and hearing loss and Leadership.




 An Assistive Powered Wheelchair: Stage 2 Trial - Powered Wheelchair User Evaluation of an Obstacle Alerting System. A non-interventional study

RAPPER IV- Rex robot assisted rehabilitation to enhance balance and mobility for people with Multiple Sclerosis clinical and biomarker study