Information for contractors

All individuals working on trust premises must have identification badges and should make themselves known to department managers within the area they are working (both on arrival and when they are leaving).

The Trust has a set of agreed values to help make sure people feel cared for, safe, respected and confident we are making a difference, whether they are a patient, visitor or member of staff in our Trust.  We ask that contractors / third party organisations remain courteous and professional at all times whilst working on our sites.  

Preventing  the spread of infection on hospital sites is a priority. Contractors/third party organisations are required to follow site and ward/department infection control procedures and instructions. 

Pay and display parking is in operation on our hospital sites.  Please check our website for the latest information.   

Appropriate dress codes for the role being undertaken on Trust premises must be adhered to in line with any health and safety requirements. 

All Trust sites are smoke free. This means that smoking is not allowed in any area of the hospital trust, including buildings, doorways, grounds and car parks. This will include vehicles being used for Trust business and vehicles parked in hospital car parks.

Please do not offer or purchase food or drink for patients to consume due to any unknown risks associated with allergies or other medical reasons that may have an adverse effect. 

If buying food or drink for own consumption from Trust premises, a list of ingredients is now available should you require this information. 

There is a no alcohol and drug policy in operation. This policy applies to patients, visitors, staff, general public and contractors.

Mobile phones or telephone communication systems equipment are not to be used within the ward and clinical areas without the prior agreement from the department manager.  No photographs are to be taken without permission from the department manager.

Fire alarms are raised by pressing the call point or by automatic detection.  Dial 2222 to inform switch board, close doors and make your way out of the hospital via the nearest exit point. 


As part of our commitment to preventing and reducing risk and the experience of abuse and neglect we are want to ensure you know how to raise a concern. We all have a duty to do something about safeguarding.  

Read our guide to the safeguarding of children, young people and adults

Agency workers

All agency workers employed to work on our hospital sites will be provided with a local induction to procures/policies relevant to their area of work which will be organised by the department manager.

Contractors working on behalf of 2gether Support Solutions

Contractors procured by 2gether Support Solutions will be provided with a detailed operatives handbook / code of conduct prior to commencing construction / building / estates works on Trust premises.