The role of the Governors

The Board of Directors works closely with the Council of Governors to ensure that it understands the views of governors, and through them, the views of members.

The Council of Governors has a number of statutory duties, including appointing the Chairman and Non Executive Directors and ratifying the appointment of the Chief Executive. The Council of Governors also determines the remuneration and terms and conditions of the Chairman and Non Executive Directors, receives the Trust’s Annual report and accounts and auditor’s report, and appoints the Trust’s external auditor. The public and staff members of the Council of Governors are elected from the Foundation Trust membership by the members and serve for terms of office between two and three years. The Council of Governors also consists of nominated representatives from key stakeholder organisations.

Trust documents which support Governors in their role:


·           EKHUFT Governor Roles Document

·           EKHUFT Code of Conduct for Governors

·           EKHUFT Dispute Resolution Procedure (Board of Directors and Council of Governors)

·           Guide to the Appointment of the Trust Chairman and Non-Executive Directors of the Board

·           EKHUFT Chairman’s Appraisal Process

·           EKHUFT Non-Executive Director Appraisal Process

        Council of Governors Membership and Members' Engagement Strategy