Staff Zone Help

Your new Staff Zone is designed to make it much easier to find who or what you need. Here's a quick guide to what to expect from your new Staff Zone and how to use it.

How to log in

The new Staff Zone uses your AD login, so If you are using a Trust computer on a Trust site, or using an EKHUFT computer remotely via VPN, Staff Zone should pop up automatically when you access the internet.

If you are working at home or externally without a VPN, or using your own device to access Staff Zone, you will need to download and use the authenticator app. Then you can log in using the same username you use to log in to a Trust computer (your AD login username). If you currently have a password to access Staff Zone from home, this won't work on the new Staff Zone.

Please note that if you have returned to work and your AD login has re-activated, it may take 24-48hrs for the system to recognise your login details.

For full details of how to log in - go to the Login Guide page

Recommended browsers:

  • Chrome (recommended) or Microsoft Edge
  • Safari (Mac)

Other browsers may not display the site correctly.

Please note - your new Staff Zone isn’t quite ready for using on a mobile phone yet so you can access it but it might not always display correctly - we’ll let you know as soon as it is.

How to find who or what you need…

Searching Staff Zone has never been easier! Just type in who or what you are looking for in the search bar at the top of the homepage and this will search the whole site. It will search for people, so you can find everyone's contact details easily.

You will receive the most likely results first and if you can’t find what you are looking for, there’s an option for letting us know.

How to get the most out of your new Staff Zone

Populate your profile

Every member of staff has a profile on Staff Zone. This includes your job title, site and contact details, and makes it easier for us all to find the people we need to speak to.

Your profile is already set up from your Active Directory (AD) account so you just need to check your profile is up-to-date.

You can add your skills, interests and a picture of you so people can easily recognise you. A head and shoulders is ideal. Put a face to that name!

  • Wondering how your data is used? You can read the privacy policy at the bottom of each Staff Zone page.

Subscribe, favourite and share content

Our new Staff Zone is a social affair! A simple way to start contributing is to ‘like’ and ‘share’ content. Found something that you think a colleague would be interested in? Just share and @mention them and they’ll be notified.

‘Subscribe’ to a page and you’ll know when it’s amended or added to. ‘Favourite’ something and you can easily navigate back to content that’s useful for you.

Just check your notifications when you’re on Staff Zone to see what colleagues are sharing with you, or any updates to content you have subscribed to.

Follow a colleague

You can get friendly and ‘follow’ a colleague, which will highlight anything that they contribute on your activity feed. It’s a bit like making friends on Facebook.

Get organised with calendars

We’re excited about this one. You can subscribe to the events calendars so you don’t miss a thing and you can add events to your Outlook calendar.

What’s where

We’ve worked hard to try to make it easier for you to find things. Here’s a quick guide to the different sections on Staff Zone:


Find everything from how to purchase medical devices to safeguarding procedures and clinical teams… plus how to access support for patients such as interpreting services or stop smoking support.


Find the teams who look after the behind the scenes stuff, whether that’s the IT, patient property or legal services.


From raising concerns to reporting incidents, from health and safety documents to emergency planning – plus the latest safety updates from our Patient Safety Team

Our Trust

Our vision and values, our clinical strategy and ‘We care’ – it’s all here

Work life

Everything you need from first starting at East Kent Hospitals to retiring. Whether it’s childcare or parking, training or local discounts for NHS workers, we’ve got your work life covered!


Links to all the systems and portals you need to do your job – plus the answers to frequently asked questions about your new Staff Zone


Everything you’d expect from the weekly Trust News and staff webinar recordings, to the all-new Events Calendar

And handily placed on the left hand side are blue buttons to take you to those crucial places like the IT portal, Procurement Portal and Policy Centre.

Something not right?

We’ve worked hard to build a new Staff Zone that’s fit for purpose, but if you find something that’s not right, we’ll fix it.

Every page allows you to tell us if changes are needed or, if your feedback is more general, please tell us via the Staff Zone Help page.

And if you need help just email the Communications team on ekhuft.staffzone@nhs.net

Enjoy exploring!