Our consultants

East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust is developing an online consultant directory.

Specialities currently included in the directory can be accessed in the table at the bottom of this page.

Alternatively, if you know the consultant's name, try using the search facility below.

NameJob titleSpecialty
Saeed Ali, Dr Zyad Mohammad ConsultantAccident and Emergency
Saied, Dr Kamiran Consultant HaematologistHaematology
Sakel, Dr Mohamed Director NeuroRehabilitation, Consultant PhysicianRehabilitation Medicine and NeuroRehabilitation
Samuel, Dr Michael Consultant NeurologistInpatient work: Kings College Hospital
Samuilova, Dr Elza Specialty DoctorPaediatrics
Sanchez Sanchez, Dr Violeta ConsultantNeurology
Sands, Dr KathleenAssociate SpecialistDermatology
Sange, Dr AaliaConsultantAnaesthetics
Santhakumaran, Dr Ambalavanar Consultant RadiologistLead Radiologist Colorectal MDT, Core Member Lung Cancer MDT
Saran, Mr Deepak Consultant Orthopaedic SurgeonHips and Knees
Sarmah, Dr Amit Consultant Paediatrician Community Child Health, Paediatric Department at QEQM Hospital
Sathialingam, Dr Markandu ConsultantAnaesthetics
Satish, Dr BangaloreConsultantChild Health
Sattianayagam, Dr PraymanConsultant Gastroenterologist and General PhysicianGastroenterology, General Medicine
Savinsky, Mr Volodymyr Specialty DoctorGeneral Surgery