Acute, Nuclear and Pallative Medicine consultants

NameJob titleSpecialty
Dagres, Mr Evgenios ConsultantOphthalmology
Dardzhikova, Ms Albena ConsultantOphthalmology
Das, Dr Abhijit Consultant Paediatrician1. Neurodisability 2. Named Paediatrician for Child Protection in Thanet
Das, Dr NeelanConsultant Interventional RadiologistVascular and Interventional Radiology
Dasanayake, Dr RasikeSpecialty DoctorChild's Health
Davies, Dr Chi ConsultantAnaesthetics
Davies, Mr JoeConsultantGynaecology
Davis, Dr JoannaConsultantHealth Care of Older People
DeCock, Mr RomainConsultantOphthalmology
Delaney, Dr Michael Consultant NephrologistKidney medicine, dialysis and transplantation.