Acute, Nuclear and Pallative Medicine consultants

NameJob titleSpecialty
Baht, Dr HardeepConsultant Physician in Acute MedicineAcute Medicine
Baker, Dr Joanne ConsultantChild Health - ambulatory paediatrics, endocrinology
Balfour, Dr AlistairConsultantHead and Neck
Ballinger, Dr AnneConsultant Gastroenterologist and General PhysicianGastroenterology
Balogh, Dr AdamSpeciality RegistrarChild Health
Balogun, Dr IbrahimConsultantStroke
Banavali, Dr ShekharConsultant RadiologistRadiology
Banerjee, Dr Somnath Associate Specialist in Community PaediatricsChild Health
Banks, Dr Judith ConsultantAnaesthetics
Barton, Dr Sebastian Consultant GastroenterologistGastroenterology and General Medicine