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Marzouk, Mr Deya 
Job title
Consultant General, Laparoscopic & Colorectal Surgeon
General, Laparoscopic and Colorectal Surgery
Special interests
• Colorectal cancer surgery, including laparoscopic resections, en bloc multivisceral resections & salvage surgery for recurrent pelvic cancer 
• Colonoscopic screening for bowel cancer 
• Advanced laparoscopic techniques including: 
o Laparoscopic colorectal cancer resections (‘Enhanced Recovery’) 
o Single Incision Laparoscopic cholecystectomy 
o Laparoscopic inguinal, incisional, umbilical and Spigelian hernia repair 
o Laparoscopic antireflux surgery [Nissen’s fundoplication] 
• Surgery for inflammatory bowel disease, including ileal pouches for ulcerative colitis & familial polyposis 
• Surgery for rectal prolapse 
• Anal diseases & complex anal fistula surgery 
Education and career history
After graduating from Ain Shams Medical School in Cairo in 1981, Mr Marzouk completed his higher surgical training in London and North Thames. During this period, he also undertook research at the Royal London Hospital into functional colorectal problems [incontinence & obstructed defaecation] affecting ileal & colonic reservoirs constructed for ulcerative colitis & cancer, for which he was awarded the Doctorate degree in Surgery from the University of London. Mr Marzouk was appointed as a consultant surgeon in Egypt in 1993 & subsequently became a professor of Surgery at Ain Shams University, Cairo. Mr Marzouk has been a Consultant General & Colorectal Surgeon in East Kent NHS Trust since 1998 & was the trust lead colorectal surgeon for 6 years until 2008. In 2005 his practice expanded to include Kent and Canterbury Hospital as well as the QEQM. He is a member of the Association of Coloproctology and Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons of Great Britain & Ireland
Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital and Kent & Canterbury Hospital
Contact details
Tel: 01843 225544 (Ext: 62327),Fax: 01843 234449, E-mail: Helen.Fisher@ekht.nhs.uk, Website: www.surgery-home.com