Acute, Nuclear and Pallative Medicine consultants

NameJob titleSpecialty
Elton, Dr Paul Radiology ConsultantRadiology
Entwisle, Dr KateConsultant RadiologistRadiology
Etokowo, Mr God'swill ConsultantWomen's Health
Evans, Dr GillianConsultant Haemophilia and HaematologyHaemophilia
Fairley, Mr JamesConsultantHead & Neck - ENT
Farah, Dr MahaSpecialty DoctorChild's Health
Farmer, Dr ChrisConsultant Renal Physician, Associate Medical Director (IT)Renal Transplantation, Live donor transplantation, Clinical Nephrology
Farrugia, Mr Martin ConsultantWomen's Health
Featherstone, Dr BarryConsultantConsultant Anaesthetist, Trust Lead For Medical Simulation
Fenton, Mr MarkConsultant CardiologistCardiology