Infoflex (Kent and Medway Cancer Collaborative Network)

The Infoflex system is currently used to collect information which supports the treatment decision making for patients with suspected and diagnosed cancer. It is used across the 4 Trusts within the Kent and Medway Cancer Collaborative. 

For more information on the Kent & Medway Cancer Collaborative click the link: http://www.kmcc.nhs.uk/kent-and-medway-cancer-collaborative-kmcc/

Access Requests

User access to Infoflex can be requested by clicking on the appropriate link below and completing the online form. The Infoflex support team will email the new user directly with their login credentials once the form has been processed. 

EKHUFT: https://it.ekhuft.nhs.uk/it-access

Non-EKHUFT organisations: https://itx.ekhuft.nhs.uk/it-access/ra02b

Accessing the system:

Infoflex Client (Version 5) (Via Citrix Storefront)

Infoflex Web Version 6

Infoflex Management and Support:

Matt Hine - Infoflex Application Manager

01227 766877 ext. 722-5525, Work Mobile 07790342564


Natalie Williams - Infoflex Project Manager

01227 864068, Work Mobile 07824476265


Jess Rundle - Infoflex Support Analyst

01227 766877 ext. 722-5679


Suzie Chate - Infoflex Development Manager

01227 766877 ext. 722-2951